Product Review: Kitchenaid

Do I have an irrational love for a piece of kitchen machinery? Define irrational.

My girl, Betty, and I have been in a loving co-dependant relationship for the past 5 years, when my Mum and Dad surprised me (understatement of the century) with her beautiful ‘cranberry’ self one Christmas morning. It was the first Christmas since my brother had moved to Dubai, leaving my Mum and Dad feeling a tad blue and obviously desperate to uphold the affections of their only other child to avoid her from even remotely contemplating leaving the country – cue the most ridiculously generous gift and a very grateful Katie Pix.

That morning, thinking Mum and Dad had already outdone themselves with the Trivial Pursuit 90s addition, new socks and a sewing box (yes, I am a 1920s stereotype of a housewife), we swiftly finished present unwrapping and began clearing away so we could move onto our traditional smoked salmon and scrambled eggs brekkie. Tidying away the strewn remnants of wrapping, Mum paused and pointed out a box behind the sofa – ‘Oh, Katie, it looks like there’s one more present’. Feeling as if Santa Claus had just revealed himself, I anxiously peeled back the paper to unveil Betty the KitchenAid. Oh. My. Goodness.

Now, I’m sure I was not alone when I thought the only justifiable time to be gifted a KitchenAid was on your Wedding Day, or if you are super successful and can afford to treat yourself. I’d seen it a million times on ‘The Great British Bake Off’, circled it in every John Lewis catalogue I’d ever browsed and plotted several burglaries of my next door neighbours, but all of a sudden… one actually belonged to me! Was I worthy? Or (more concerning) would I use this icon of the baking world enough to warrant its hefty price tag?

Yes. Absolutely, yes.

The design is sleek, sexy and a downright joy to look at (and really easy to clean). With a weighty enamelled die-cast zinc body showing off its quality and a choice of 41 colours, including pastels and dazzling metallic options, it quickly becomes the centrepiece of the kitchen. Which is also quite handy, as its robust body can be a little tricky to store… or move!

It’s quality over quantity with this beauty. Quite a lot of multi-functional blenders come with several attachments but the KitchenAid Artisan 4.8L stand mixer (my version) comes with just a stainless steel bowl, a ceramic flat beater, wire whisk and ceramic dough hook. However, every bit of its build guarantees a machine that beats, whips and kneads with the least amount of effort, quickest speed and the most satisfying of hums. Furthermore, they may not come in the box, but there are multiple attachments available to buy that slot into the front of the machine for surprising bonus uses: mincers, graters, pasta rollers, juicers, stand mixers, spiralisers and sausage stuffers, to name but a few!

Operating the KitchenAid couldn’t be easier. On one side you have a lever to lift and lower your KitchenAid and on the other a 10-speed lever that clicks into place with ease. To switch out the stirring attachments takes a little bit of know how, but is simple enough to master after just a couple of Victoria Sponge attempts.

To some degree, I am sure you are paying a premium for the name, but it’s hard to ignore how well built and robust this machine is – this is what sets it apart from its cheaper counterparts. I have no doubt it will last me a lifetime.

See it in action, multiple times, on the Katie Pix You Tube channel. Its beautiful balloon whisk and deep, open bowl made for some extra special meringues…

P.S. this is NOT a sponsored post, I’m genuinely an absolute nerd about this machine!

P.P.S. This is the first instalment of my monthly product reviews, so keep an eye out for the next one!

Photography by Kyle Galvin


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