Gift Guide For Her

I reckon I am one of the easiest people to buy for. I’m a girly girl, Tom boy, foodie, fitness, theatre fanatic. I don’t often buy myself things and I don’t have expensive taste. I’m big into ‘it’s the thought that counts’ but equally appreciate a grand gesture every once in a while. I like experiences and objects and all things in between. All in all, I love presents and if it’s given to me by a loved one, then it will be loved and treasured in return. This love of EVERYTHING makes the gift guide for ‘her’ a hard one to nail down, but here are some of my favourite suggestions that cannot fail to awaken Little Miss Happy. (Big claim, that I immediately regret.)

Who doesn’t love a candle? They create the perfect mood for romance or relaxation, and when fragranced with the right scent can evoke beautiful memories or transport you to far off lands. The Diptique Limited Edition Christmas collection from Space NK, containing a trio of candles, all conveying good fortune to those who light them, this would make an exquisite gift, which is sure to be appreciated. There’s Flora Fortune, a bold, red candle with the rich aromas of rose, clove and anise. The Pine Protector, a green candle blended with sage and basil, and woody notes of Siberian and Balsam fir. And finally the peaceful blue Amber Bliss, fragranced with amber, geranium, lavender and musk.

In keeping with the spiritual side of pampering, a Rose Quartz Facial Roller is something she’s unlike to buy herself but has been a part of the beauty routine for hundreds of years. A facial skincare tool created to soothe mind, body and soul, helping to ease tension and soothe anxiety.

Yes, I ended up in Space NK for a lot longer than expected and also picked up the Très Riche Hand & Body Crème Collection from Laura Mercier – a limited edition travel size set of four hand and body creams, to help nourish the skin. We all have a memory of receiving a some crappy travel collection with a squirt of cheap, sickly sweet body cream that could only cover your small toe. Well, this is the useful, wonderful, adult alternative. A pricier but effective selection of beautifully fragranced and powerfully soft hand and body creams.

Forget diamonds – Jo Malone is a girl’s best friend. There’s a definite scented theme in my gift guide, isn’t there? I challenge anyone who doesn’t think Jo Malone is known far and wide as a very generous, very special, very beautiful gift to receive. There’s no musk of Britney or DKN231808b, here. Instead, you’re tickled by ingredients plucked straight from the tree or pulled from the ground. Blackberry and Bay or Lime, Basil and Mandarin are personal favourites.

If you did want to go jewellery, I discovered ‘Alice Made This‘ last year and haven’t looked back since. They work with engineers and artisans to layer the precision of engineering with the beauty of hand work creating unique accessories and jewellery for you to gift, own and enjoy for many years to come.

Of course, I’ve got carried away and tag a million more ideas. But share yours with me. I’m nosey AF and would love to see what beauties people are buying this Christmas!

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