Canapés And Cocktails

‘Tis the season for endless social plans and celebrations… that calls for cocktails and canapés! When you’re hosting you want to ensure your guests are having the most wonderful of evenings whilst still being able to enjoy it yourself. So, I’ve teamed up with Waitrose & Partners to celebrate their exceptional range of Christmas canapés with a super simple Hot Toddy Christmas Cocktail recipe and some top tips for the hosting effortless Christmas drinks…

The Food

Even the most “bah humbug” of people can’t be disappointed with the exceptional selection of Christmas canapés available at Waitrose & Partners. From the classic Mini Beef Wellingtons, Brie and Cranberry Tartlets and Pigs in Blankets, to new and exciting Chorizo Paella Pastry Shells, Sticky Beef Teriyaki Meatballs and Vegan Moroccan Mushroom & Chickpea Pittas.

Of course, party planning does take time, but it needn’t mean you spend hours slaving away over dishes that are devoured in seconds. With a quick click of the mouse or a trip to your local Waitrose & Partners it’s easy to be the host or hostess with the mostest. Serve on some snazzy John Lewis & Partners platters to dot around the room or give yourself the perfect excuse to mingle with your guests. No one needs to know you didn’t spend 5 hours assembling little pieces of meat and fruit on a stick. The general rule is to include half hot hors d’oeuvres and half cold or room temperature and include at least 5-6 bites per guest.

The Drinks

Throw a raspberry or strawberry into a flute and fill a few glasses with champagne that you can grab when the doorbell goes. Greeting each guest with a glass of bubbly is just a great way to start a party! Get yourself prepped with those magic little extras. Fill a separate bucket with ice for cocktails along with an ice tong and leave a tray of pre-cut lemons, limes, cherries and/or olives for guests to add to mixed drinks. Leave out a stack of napkins as well for people to use as coasters and for nibbles. Be sure to have plenty of ice too – normally around 500g per person should do, which will allow enough for chilling drinks as well.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a cocktail party without cocktails. Turns things cosy with warming festive favourites like mulled wine and cider. Or put some hairs on your chin longer than Santa’s beard with this beauty of a Hot Toddy recipe…


  • 50ml Waitrose Blended Scotch Whisky
  • 3 tbsp honey
  • 150ml hot water
  • 3 dried cloves, per glass
  • 1 lemon, juice of
  • a slice of lemon, per glass
  • ​​cinnamon stic​ks, to garnish each glass


Combine the whisky, honey, hot water and cloves in a toddy glass and stir gently until completely combined. Squeeze in lemon juice, to taste. Remove the cloves, then garnish with a slice of lemon and cinnamon stick.

The Music

You are not David Guetta, so don’t try and ‘get lit’ – it’s a Christmas party! Give the people what they want. That’s Michael Bublé caressing their ear holes with our festive favourites. Be sure to stack your playlists so, when the Hot Toddy takes effect and Uncle Dave is fast asleep on the sofa, the music hasn’t drifted off with him.

The Decor

You will probably already have thrown around a bit of Christmas cheer in your home with your Christmas tree and/or decorations. String some fairy lights across the ceiling or around windows and doors and dim the lights. Add some class with a cloth napkin! In fact, go the whole hog and get yourself a snazzy dinner service. It can come out party after party and you’ll feel the wonderful pride that can’t be matched by disposables.

The Clean-Up

Enlist the help of a few close friends on the night to help you keep on top of messes that will inevitably occur. Clear empty bottles and replenish any ice or trays of food. No one will want to see you enslaved to your sink on the night so set up a discreet area for used glasses and recycling and deal with it in the morning.

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